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Southern California COACHING SCHOOLS

Six Schools Being Offered in 2018

Clinics 9am to 12pm

(West Valley Girls Softball - Western District - January 20, 2018)

Cost: $25
The following Districts have a The following Districts have a clinic scheduled:

Western / Northern / Central / San Diego / Eastern / LA South Bay LA South Bay

So CAL is proud to introduce the 14th year of the Coaches Training Program.

The Program is developed and designed to provide softball coaches of all levels – from beginning coaches to experienced veterans – an opportunity to further their knowledge of the sport of Softball. Our clinics are practical guides to the everyday situations you will encounter as a youth softball coach. The program utilizes a participation format to teach coaches how to identify skills of the game, isolate the players mechanics of the skill and to evaluate and improve the players mechanics. 

After attending one of the Coaching Schools, you will be better prepared to coach a youth softball team.

NEW AGENDA for 2018 Clinics!

All clinics: 3 hours long 9am to 12pm
The years clinics will have on field demonstrations. Bring your warm clothes, outdoor shoes, and notebook. 

We will have guest athletes to demonstrate skills and drills.


Please note:

* You do not have to attend your area district clinic. You may choose to attend another district clinic that best fits into your schedule.

* Anyone may attend the clinics.

* All others are from 9am to 12pm.

Please check for clinic location updates!



School locations and contact info:
* Send Registration Form & Fees to the Clinic Coordinator of the Clinic you are attending

Make checks payable to: USA Softball So Cal


Western District

Clinic Location: West Valley 5607 Capistrano Ave. Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Clinic Date - January 20, 2018

Clinic Coordinator:

Franco Amar 805-844-4776

Mailing address: 1920 H St #249 Oxnard, CA. 93036

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